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Campaign Finance - Who Do You Know

Political Contributions by Employees of : St Louis Blues


St Louis Blues is Predominately Democrat

Total DEM Contributions : $1,250.00
Total REP Contributions : $0.00


SPOUSE St Louis Blues
$13,000.00 Zip: 90266-2725

Our goal - to drive political financial contributions to $0. The ability to contribute money, to influence the outcome of an election, is not inclusive.

If you provide money to a politican and it is not recorded with the FEC it is a 'Bribe'. If it is recorded with the FEC it is a 'Contribution'. Money being provided to influence the outcome of a political election, in return for favorable rulings if elected. Is this a Bribe or a Contribution?


The number of voting age people who make political 'Contributions' in the US.


The number of 'Contributions' they gave to politicians.


The total amount those 'Contributions' came to - and still counting.